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Therapy session information and pricing  (correct as at 1st June 2019)

Every dog has differing requirements…

Our standard single therapy session charge is £30.

As it is usual to require several sessions of therapy we offer a 10 session package for the price of 9, namely £270.

As long-standing supporters of several animal charities we are able to offer a generous discount to dogs from local dog rescue/re-homing centres, please discuss this when you get in touch.

In order to create the correct therapy regime for your dog there is an intitial Consultation session followed by a separate Introductory session at the Hydro where we offer the following:

This starter package (Consultation session with separate Introductory session) is £40, after these 2 sessions both you and your dog will then be familiar with the Hydro Centre and be able to begin the therapy in a positive frame of mind.

Forms to download:

Owners Consent Form (incl. Terms and Conditions)

Veterinary Consent Form