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Craigard Treadmill Hydrotherapy - Referral Centre

Here to help your dog

Craigard facilities

Located adjacent to our own house, the hydrotherapy suite is a purpose built cabin with good access and all the essential items needed to give your dog an effective and enjoyable visit.

Why use a treadmill

Many dogs are already benefiting from hydrotherapy in a pool, which can be very successful and suits many dogs, but there are several key areas where a treadmill provides certain advantages:

From smaller breeds such as dachshund up to German Shepherds and Mastiffs, the treadmill makes it easy for the dog to enter, gain the benefit from the therapy and leave again without the stress of steps.

Treadmill details

Our equipment is one of the latest designs and made in the UK from high quality materials, it has been developed in conjunction with the leading hydrotherapist in the UK who was the original creator of the official Canine Hydrotherapy qualifications.